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Removable Show Plates

Custom Static Show Plates

Static Plates are made from a Static Coated Foam, and is Not Harsh on Paintwork. Its a Removable and Reusable number plate.


Product Features;


* Static Plates will adhere to most Smooth gloss, Flat and Non-Porous Surfaces (plastic, windscreens, metal, fibreglass etc).

However this product is not suitable for all types of vinyl wrap or dip products as it may over bond with the wrap and can cause damage to the foam.

Unfortunately, due to the nature of this product it will not adhere to a matte/satin surface.

This product is not suitable for ceramic coatings, as the coating  is designed to not allow anything to adhere to the surface.

These plates are designed for flat surfaces, if your bumper has more severe curves it may result in some wrinkling when removed as the foam will form to the bumper shape but the top layer will get stretched to fit the curve and will not reform (shrink back).

* Static Plates are made from High Quality Reflective and follow legal guidelines.


* Super Strong Hold


* Custom Sizes Available.


* Classic Plates Available.


* To remove simply Lift from the middle at Both Ends and Pull Towards You. (Do Not bend over and 'peel' as you may damage the       reflective layers and crease your plate. (Refer to video above)


* Can be Re-positioned Unlimited Times.


* Leaves No Marks or Residue.


* If your Static Plate becomes dirty or is not adhering as well simply wash with Water Only to restore its Static Properties. Ensure the plate is dry before reapplying.


* Ideal for Show Cars, Static Cars, Track Cars, or anywhere you need to remove your number plate for security or social media reasons.





Static Plates need care and attention. They need to be applied to a clean, dry and dust free surface, with the paintwork in good order with no chips or cracks ect.  You need to de-grease the vehicle surface with an alcohol based cleaner before applying the plates to remove any silicon or wax residue from the car. If your plate is applies to polish or wax, it my contaminate your plate and stop it working properly.


Due to this we cannot offer refunds or replacements if it comes off or is lost.

We also can not police how well this product has been applied, or the surface paintwork you are applying it too, or how its been cared for, so its at the customers own risk when using these static plates.


We do not recommend applying our plates to new paintwork that my still be soft, as it usually takes a few weeks for the paint to fully harden, you may damage your plate and your paintwork if its applied before its fully hardened.

Our plates are sold as show plates, using these on the road is illegal and at your own risk.

If at your your own discretion you decide to use this plate for every day use, it will significantly increase the wear and tear of the product.

These plates should not be left on the vehicle for prolonged periods of time, as they require regular cleaning maintenance to remove road grime and moisture etc.... Plates should always be keep in a clean and dry condition.

All of our plates are custom made to order and tested before dispatch, so we can not be responsible for lost plates.

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